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About Us

Here at P&Y Farms we strive to bring precision technology to  the beef industry while incorporating work ethic training for the next generation.   We are a locally owned family farm established in 1946 by Dean Perkins which is located in Butlerville, Indiana. In 2001 P&Y Farms became the merger of Grandfather Dean Perkins with grandson Josh Yeager.  In July 2016 with the untimely death of Dean the farm lost a great leader and innovator leaving the day to day operations of the farm solely on the shoulders of Josh, wife Katie and their 2 daughters.  With the help of family and friends and sheer perseverance I have consumed myself with making P&Y Farms the best it can be to pay tribute to my grandfather who's never ending work and sacrifice gave me the opportunities I have today.  


Generate excitement

We offer several state of the art programs incorporated in the daily farm activity.  



P&Y Farms utilizes the state of the art monitoring technology by AllFlex Usa.  Our cattle have electronic tags which will allow stress free monitoring to our cattle.  

To Find out more visit Allflex USA